Exera monitors open sources including local and international media as well as English and Myanmar language social media, and combines it with information gleaned from local contacts throughout the country and within the Myanmar security establishment to provide you with timely updates on safety and security in Myanmar, along with analysis and forecasting. These are offered as a subscription, and includes distribution to as many addressees within your organization as you like.

Quarterly Trend Analysis – In addition to presenting safety and security trends, this document includes updates on peace & stability and politics & governance. Forecasting in each category is provided, along with in-depth analysis into one of four areas.

Please subscribe by contacting to Exera Emergency Coordination Center(24/7)

Email: enquiry@exera.asia
Tel: +95 (0)1 514-001

Download Sample Quarterly Trend Analysis here

2019 Q2 – Quarterly Safety & Security Trend Analysis