Flash alert – Covid-19 Pandemic: 449 More Confirmed Cases on 17 January 


Sunday 17 January, 2021     


At 20:00, the Ministry of Health and Sports (MoHS) reported 449 new cases in the last 24 hours. They were detected out of 17,656 tests, i.e. a positivity rate of 2.5%. 13 more patients died from the disease in the last 24 hours.  

Since the beginning of the pandemic in Myanmar, in March 2020, 134,318 people have been contaminated by Covid-19, and 2,955 have died from it.    


Nation-wide Summary     

New cases on 17 January 


Hospitalized cases as of 17 January 


Total cases since March 


Total fatalities since March 




Questions or further request for information can be directed towards           

Martin Michalon, Head of Risk Management, at m.michalon@exera.asia.