Sunday, 20 November 2016, 21:00 local (UTC+06:30): Yangon

Situation. Unconfirmed reports indicated there was at least two explosions at the Capital Hypermarket in Thaketa today, November 20th, beginning at 17:30hrs.  Details are not clear other than to state that there were no seriously casualties, but two staff members may have sustained minor injuries.

supermarketsBackground.  On Thursday 17 November 2016, in the area of the Ocean Super Market at 9 Miles on Pyay Road, Mayangone Township, Yangon, there were also also reports of two loud explosions.  The first occurred at 1930 hours when a fire reportedly started inside a glass water bottle in a garbage can.  The second was 15 minutes later when a vehicle apparently drove over a glass bottle.  There were no injuries in either case and no significant damage, however, unconfirmed reports believe that a chemical compound inside the bottle had resulted in the fire.  Authorities are therefore investigating, but

Assessment.   There is currently no information regarding possible motivation, responsible parties, or details of the apparent devices, nor are there indications if the two incidents are related or similar.  Further assessment will be provided when emergency responders have completed their initial investigations.

Actions taken.  Exera guards throughout the greater Yangon area have been advised to remain at heightened awareness until details of these events can be confirmed.

Recommendations.  Personnel are advised to avoid supermarkets and any large crowded areas in Yangon tonight until more details are available.   Personnel and local posts should remain vigilant, avoid speculation and report any suspicious activities or packages.

An update will be provided in the next 24 hours once details become available.