In 2012, when most international sanctions imposed on Myanmar were eased, friends Jim Hogan, a former British military officer, and Liam Pepper, a London barrister, began their first of several visits to Myanmar. Inspired by the beauty of the landscape, the rich culture, and huge potential of the people, these visits sparked the idea of setting up a business in Myanmar. Their commitment to making a positive difference to the people of Myanmar drove them to establish their business in an underdeveloped but rapidly changing frontier market, giving rise to Exera Limited, and their full time presence in Yangon from January 2013.

With the combination of Jim’s military experience, where much of his time was spent planning and leading the most demanding operations, and Liam’s legal expertise and experience of due diligence in developing markets, Exera was ideally placed for providing premium security and risk solutions. After international sanctions were eased, and more organisations looked to develop their business in Myanmar, there was a clear need for a security company providing the highest standards to international clients in Myanmar. In recognition of these changes, Myanmar’s Ministry of National Planning & Economic Development granted a business permit to Exera’s Myanmar incorporated entity, Leo Exera limited.

From a Yangon-based staff of the two co-founders in 2013, Leo Exera has grown to employ over 450 full-time staff in eleven of Myanmar’s states and divisions. Combining the very best of the detailed, in-depth knowledge and cultural awareness of the Myanmar staff, and staff with wide ranging international experience, Leo Exera now provides services to a range of international clients as they develop their business in Myanmar. Our management team are at the forefront of business development in Myanmar and Jim served as the founding Vice Chairman of the British Chamber of Commerce for Myanmar.

The potential Jim and Liam saw on their early visits is now beginning to take shape. Myanmar is developing rapidly, socially, politically, and economically. Our experience of growing a business in this period of exciting change over the last few years, means we at Exera are ideally placed to secure your success in Myanmar.